Apologetics to the Glory of God

An Informal Introduction to Covenantal Apologetics – Conclusion

By C.L. Bolt

What I endeavored to accomplish in the pieces preceding this post was not to provide an exhaustive account of all things presuppositional but to grant the readers a very basic level knowledge of Van Tillian presuppositionalism also known as Covenantal Apologetics without fancy terminology or at least with definitions when technical language was used. My hopes were to write something merely from memory as opposed to turning to sources and then collecting them in a Works Cited or Bibliography. I did not mean to go back and correct much of what I wrote or to answer objections that people might have had although there would hopefully be some of those answers implicit in what I provided. Again I was writing at an introductory level in a rough way and not at an academic level or in an academic way. Even those who disagree may find information which will give them the basic tenets explained by someone who has spent some time studying this particular system or method of apologetics.

I wrote the bulk of this series from memory and without sources at hand. Some of the posts admittedly did come from older posts that I had written which were at the time unrelated to this series. For the most part I did not make explicit reference to passages in Scripture but did allude to it. I believe that I was generally able to give you my words and my understanding of presuppositional or covenantal apologetics on a mostly introductory level. Some of the posts were more in depth than others. Some are much better written than others.

Since beginning to write the series I have received a good deal of encouragement from readers, and I want to thank you for that. There have also been a number of suggestions and questions regarding whether or not I will make this into a book. I do not know the answer to that right now, but it would take a fair amount of work still in order to do that. The brevity and sloppiness of some of the posts was intentional because I wanted to get these basic ideas out quickly and because I do want to go back and develop things more. For those who offered critiques and suggestions; thank you.

– The end. –

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  1. Mike Pitzler Avatar
    Mike Pitzler

    Thank you, Chris. Rudy and I sat here last night and today and read all 45 parts and the conclusion. Making each part bite-sized and plain was very helpful for me. I hope a retain some of what I read. See you in channel.

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