Sye TenBrugencatte Debate

Yesterday I ran into Sye TenBrugencatte of and was reminded that I still have not quite gotten around to listening to his debate yet, but you can beat me to it here. He also has some interviews and videos at the bottom of that page.


Paul Baird

Transcript of the Second Debate that I had with Sye Tenbruggebcate is here –

One review is here –

Strangely all of Syes previous supporters appear to have vanished and none have offered any congratulations on his performance.

Maybe you guys have offered support.

C.L. Bolt

Thank you for the links.

As I mentioned in the post, I have not gotten around to listening to these exchanges yet. Perhaps after I get the opportunity to do so I can offer my own comments or further examine things in the context of a debate with you.

An Acceptance of Paul Baird's Debate Challenge

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