Apologetics to the Glory of God

Reminder and Resource

Based on some of the comments we have received lately, I feel it is necessary to remind folks that the purpose of this blog is educational, and is not intended as a forum for debate.  While we may make exceptions to this rule from time to time if we feel there is educational benefit to be seen, in general we will not allow comments through which will end up initiating a debate-through-comments.  This is one of the primary reasons we set up a chat channel, which we encourage everyone to take advantage of. We will be more than happy to debate in channel – just don’t expect us to do so through comments.

In addition, we have noticed a number of new people visiting the site – many of which are new to Presupp/Covenantal Apologetics. For these people, I want to be sure to make you aware of one of the best resources on the web – Covenant Media Foundation. They have books and (most importantly) audios of Bahnsen’s lectures. For those of you who aren’t up to tackling Van Til directly, this is your next best bet!




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