Apologetics to the Glory of God

An Informal Introduction to Covenantal Apologetics: Part 25 – Subject dissolved.

By C.L. Bolt

We have spent a fair amount of time and space concerning ourselves with the subject of knowledge. We have shown that the subject cannot really be labeled the subject of knowledge at all when the Christian worldview is rejected and we attempt to erect an epistemology starting with the self. We mentioned that the problem of skepticism might be construed in terms of the problem of connection, and this is no less true with respect to the subject as we have already seen. However, we have not considered that this problem will go so deep as to swallow up the self itself. When we take a closer look at the connections within the subject in terms of the self itself, we find that there is no reason to assume that they exist, and there is no way to distinguish the subject from anything else. There is no way to even determine that there is some enduring entity of self.

We have done a good deal of thinking as subjects, so something appears to be there. But why should we assume that the thinking which goes on in a subject corresponds to an “I” or the “self”? The thinking may correspond to nothing at all. Aside from this it is not known or explained what thinking is, it is just assumed that it is something caused by a being, both the cause and the being constituting large assumptions themselves. There is also a comparison being made between present and past moments and states with an assumption that some sort of connection exists, but this has never been shown. Perhaps the subject is merely a collection of experiences (we know not from where). Even here we have no reason to speak of a “collection,” because once again we have established no connection. Upon close inspection, the subject dissolves.

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