Apologetics to the Glory of God

Atheist, if You Are Deluded Then What Would You Expect?

If you are deluded then the evidence to the contrary, even if it is overwhelming, will not convince you otherwise. Just think of the Mormons. Perhaps you can explain to me why Mormons still believe even though it’s been shown through DNA evidence that Native Americans are not descendants of Semitic peoples: Losing a Lost Tribe: Native Americans, DNA, and the Mormon Church. Come on now. Think about this. Like the Mormons you have come to a position and you now defend that position in a Christian culture despite the evidence just like they do.

Great line of reasoning there don’t you think? No…you don’t think so? Me either. Unfortunately from time to time I get the urge to go take a look at the “hottest” atheist websites to “see what makes them tick” and this is the quality of reasoning that I find. Even here I had to reword and eliminate some claims.

For example, “Like the Mormons you were raised to believe and you now defend what you were raised to believe in a Christian culture despite the evidence just like they do because they were raised in a Mormon culture.”

Really? All Christians were “raised to believe?” All Mormons were “raised to believe?” All Christians defend their beliefs “in a Christian culture?” All Mormons do too? The reason Christians and Mormons defend their beliefs is because they were raised to believe what they do? Well to be fair we are told to, “at least consider this a real possibility.” I don’t, because the statements are demonstrably false and even if they are true for some given individual can be applied in like manner to atheists.

What a strange, strange way of thinking!





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