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Choosing Hats Turns Two!!!

The end of July/beginning of August marks the two year anniversary of Choosing Hats! We are grateful to God for the good he has brought about through the site and determined to fix anything which has kept us from using the site to its full potential. We want to thank our many readers for taking time out of their day to see what’s new here and those who have left comments for putting forth the effort to understand and interact with the material here.

Those involved with Choosing Hats have recently been discussing how we might bring the site back toward fulfilling the vision the founders of the site originally had for it. The two year mark provides an excellent opportunity to implement some long awaited changes and to tweak the content posted here in order to bring it more in line with the original purpose of the site. Expect some announcements and changes very soon! Please keep us in prayer as we seek to glorify God in defense of the truth of His glorious Gospel of grace as a unique source of instruction and demonstration of covenantal apologetics.

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