Apologetics to the Glory of God


Mitch and I have been extremely busy as of late so that we have been prevented from even setting a decent time for debating one another as we had planned to do some time ago. Since I felt like this was unfinished business I approached Mitch about it in private and we discussed several ways we might be able to do the debate despite school and other responsibilities. Mitch has formal education in the same areas as me and took an interest in presuppositional apologetics which resulted in some familiarity with the method and its arguments that most other potential opponents do not possess. For these reasons I was anticipating a larger amount of preparation for a debate with Mitch and was looking forward to the debate itself. However, we have decided that it is best to announce that the debate has been cancelled. – C.L. Bolt

Chris tried on numerous occasions to find a mutually agreeable time for our debate. Unfortunately we were unable to come to any sort of agreement. I had hoped that the winter and summer months would be quiet enough to permit me some extra free time (for this, and other things!) but that did not turn out as planned. At any rate, I thank Chris for attempting to arrange the debate and wish him the best of luck with anything he attempts in academia. – Mitch LeBlanc



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    I’m here Huckleberry.

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    I have no clue what the above comment is supposed to imply.

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