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Zao Thanatoo’s Final Response To Mitch LeBlanc On TAG

In a post with the title Zao Thanatoo’s Response To Mitch LeBlanc Regarding TAG I linked to an exchange between Zao Thanatoo and Mitch LeBlanc concerning an article written by LeBlanc on TAG.

Zao Thanatoo has written his second and final response which may be found here.


3 responses to “Zao Thanatoo’s Final Response To Mitch LeBlanc On TAG”

  1. noen Avatar

    Not really impressed. The argument is without merit.

  2. Kyle Avatar

    Huh? Which argument is without merit noen? What do you mean by merit?

  3. […] believe the material on the site is up to his ‘standards’. For example in response to the post here he wrote, “Not really impressed” and “The argument is without merit”. Of course I doubt […]

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