Apologetics to the Glory of God

Reason for unbelief…

Me: Why are you an unbeliever?

Atheist: Chris: because I don’t accept the notion of any god, nor the Bible’s claims

Me: None of the Bible’s claims?

Atheist: Well, it gets some: details right… there was a Jerusalem, Roman Empire, etc :p

Me: What do you mean by “notion”? Does “notion” = “concept”?

Atheist: Well, I meant it in that context, yes

Me: Why do you reject the concept of the Christian God?

Atheist: Because I don’t accept scripture’s claims regarding god, his intervention in human affairs, the life of Jesus and the theology it teaches

Me: Right but anything more specific with regard to the concept of the Christian God?

Atheist: There’s a lot of issues

Me: Anything specific?

Atheist: A lot of it lies in accepting writings from unknown iron-age tribesmen

Me: That would be the genetic fallacy. What specific problem do you find with the concept of the Christian God? (That is, you cannot reject the concept as problematic based solely on origin.)

Atheist: Chris: none, I simply don’t accept the claims of people who claim to have knowledge of him. not solely, nope, but it is a big problem

Me: So you do not accept the concept of God because you do not accept it?

Atheist: Chris: it’s more complex than that… but not much :p I wish I could give you a profound reason for my unbelief, but, I can’t

Me: I would love to know the complex part of it






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  1. Andrew Avatar

    At least He was Honest. I was told i was narrow minded by an Atheist the other day, and in the end our conversation went in a similar diction as yours. Which i find ironic.

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