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Debate In Planning Stage With Mitch LeBlanc of Urban Philosophy

Mitchell LeBlanc is a Philosophy and Religion student at the University of Toronto. Though entering University with intentions to become a priest, he found that philosophical training led him to atheism.

Of the presuppositional apologetic method, Mitch writes:

“The implication is that presuppositionalism is bad philosophy in a manner akin to Young Earth Creationism being pseudo-science. In many regards, it is accurate to say that presuppositionalism is to the philosophy of religion what creationism is to biology.”

Mitch and I have been in contact with each other in order to plan a debate. We cannot guarantee when exactly it will take place yet as we are both extremely busy right now, but stay tuned. I am especially looking forward to this debate as unlike previous debate opponents of mine, Mitch has some background in philosophy.

Visit Mitch’s site at Urban Philosophy.net



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3 responses to “Debate In Planning Stage With Mitch LeBlanc of Urban Philosophy”

  1. Jon Cardwell Avatar

    Doc White suggested that we receive your feed and I have; and I’m glad I did. Great job on the site and thanks for the articles!

  2. C.L. Bolt Avatar

    Thanks Jon! Glad to have you here. 🙂

  3. Sean Choi Avatar
    Sean Choi

    Good luck on the debate, Chris!

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