Debate In Planning Stage With Mitch LeBlanc of Urban Philosophy

Mitchell LeBlanc is a Philosophy and Religion student at the University of Toronto. Though entering University with intentions to become a priest, he found that philosophical training led him to atheism.

Of the presuppositional apologetic method, Mitch writes:

“The implication is that presuppositionalism is bad philosophy in a manner akin to Young Earth Creationism being pseudo-science. In many regards, it is accurate to say that presuppositionalism is to the philosophy of religion what creationism is to biology.”

Mitch and I have been in contact with each other in order to plan a debate. We cannot guarantee when exactly it will take place yet as we are both extremely busy right now, but stay tuned. I am especially looking forward to this debate as unlike previous debate opponents of mine, Mitch has some background in philosophy.

Visit Mitch’s site at Urban


Jon Cardwell

Doc White suggested that we receive your feed and I have; and I’m glad I did. Great job on the site and thanks for the articles!

C.L. Bolt

Thanks Jon! Glad to have you here. 🙂

Sean Choi

Good luck on the debate, Chris!

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