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Free Seminary Course: History of Philosophy

“God’s worldview is the only one that matters.” – Ron Nash

If you have never visited or used www.biblicaltraining.org then I highly recommend you go and take a look now.

The specific reason for this post is to recommend the class called History of Philosophy and Christian Thought taught by Dr. Ron Nash. While I am not in complete agreement with everything Dr. Nash taught, he was a superb teacher. I listened to this seminary level course on my iPod the summer after I graduated and can still remember most of it with great clarity; no doubt due to the images Dr. Nash constantly used. If you do not have a good foundation in philosophy, this is the course for you. Even if you think you do have a good foundation in philosophy, this course will serve as a great review and will help you to remember an outline of the history of philosophy and key concepts. I hope you will register for free at Biblical Training and find it to be as great of a resource as I did.



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2 responses to “Free Seminary Course: History of Philosophy”

  1. Chris Krycho Avatar

    Fantastic. I’m working (slowly) through a number of philosopher’s works over the next many months, and this should be exceptionally helpful. Thanks for recommending it.

  2. taco Avatar

    Thanks, signed up and will be checking it out.

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