Apologetics to the Glory of God

A bit of a rant.

We are, essentially, an accident. The universe is a given, we know not its origin or whether or not it even had one though we have made some good guesses concerning the topic. From the mix of things came the first life. We do not know how. All we know is that we are here now as the result of an incredibly long chain of consecutive moments derivative of the contingent particulars of existence. Everything we are is the result not of random chance, but of biological evolution guided as it were through natural selection colliding with genetic mutations and drift, though for all pragmatic purposes we might as well say this is random, the mechanisms of evolution are only hypocritically personified.

We are animals. Some argue that there is this or that component to set us apart from the remainder of the animal kingdom, but this I think is just as much a result of the Aristotelian, Christian, Western lie that is constantly hammered into us by society. There is no goal in the evolutionary scheme of things; indeed there is no scheme at all. Naturalistic evolutionists are too often terribly inconsistent on this point. Understand that whatever component it may be which allegedly separates us from “lower” life forms is itself a product of the same processes which brought about everything else. We are wired by irrationality, our greatest thoughts being governed by passions. Can we do away with the Aristotle and commence with the Hume and Neitzche? Is it not about time that we recognize what we are?

It is not that it matters of course; it is simply that I am irritated by the constant emotionalism set forth by atheists as though it constitutes an argument. By all means, whine, we all deal with the psychological problem of evil, but do not think there is some standard of fairness in this world to which you may appeal. There is not. Not if things are as you claim they are.






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