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Choosing Hats Welcomes Razors Kiss

The team here at Choosing Hats has been exceedingly busy as of late. Lord willing, I will be getting married this coming Saturday, November 8th to my dream girl. Planning for the event has been anything but a dream.

Meanwhile Brian is working on his business in addition to his regular job while keeping up with his responsibilities as an elder in his church and as a father at home. Both Paul and Ragnar have been preoccupied with other things as well, such as school.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are all still just as committed to this project as we were when we started. There are some big plans brewing beneath the surface of the blog. However, the next few months will consist of a significantly smaller amount of time in which to work on our contributions to the blog. Nevertheless, we will do the best we can to finish series, create new installments of the podcast, and update regularly with new material. Please continue to visit, spread the word about us, and most importantly, keep us in your prayers.

In light of our collective situation we have decided to add an additional member to our team. We are glad to have our friend Razors Kiss join us at Choosing Hats. Razors Kiss is an extremely gifted thinker and apologist. He is patient and well-versed in debate and is a welcome addition to Choosing Hats.

You may visit RK’s site (pertaining to a variety of interests) here – http://www.razorskiss.net/

We look forward to RK’s contributions to the blog in the not-too-distant future and hope that they will be beneficial to you.






4 responses to “Choosing Hats Welcomes Razors Kiss”

  1. RazorsKiss Avatar

    Glad to be aboard, and thanks for the kind words.Hopefully I can post something coherent in the near future 😀When’s the next podcast?!

  2. david Avatar

    w00t w00t!

  3. Matt Avatar

    Do you hang out on the AOmin channel? If so, we have had some dialogue.-tekvia

  4. RazorsKiss Avatar

    Yup, I do – heya 😀

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