Introduction to Covenantal Apologetics by C.L. Bolt

Introduction to Covenantal Apologetics

By C.L. Bolt


Christianity Today Article, Harold Camping, and Intro to Apologetics

[…] that the introductory series on Covenantal Apologetics is done and can be bookmarked here. It is also available by clicking on the Series button at the top right of the page. Blog this! […]

A "Serious Problem" with "An Introduction to Covenantal Apologetics"

[…] presuppositionalism, Scripture Lyndon Unger has a “SERIOUS problem” with my Introduction to Covenantal Apologetics.  He expresses his concerns in the comments here. I asked him a series of questions that he has […]

[BLOCKED BY STBV] The Recent Rise of Covenantal Apologetics (10 of 10)

[…] of format. Hence the name-dropping. And all the links (that currently are not working). Like with An Informal Introduction to Covenantal Apologetics, my goal here was to get information about covenantal apologetics into the reader’s head as […]

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