Fred is Dead: A Christian Response to the Followers of Fred Phelps, Founder of “Westboro Baptist Church”

Fred Phelps is dead.

Phelps is best known for heading up the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). The WBC is infamous for preaching a message of hatred toward homosexuals (“God Hates Fags”) and picketing the funerals of United States military.

Most people are shocked and appalled at the WBC. I do not fault them for that. However, I do fault them for substituting their subjective emotional responses for sound intellectual responses to the WBC. In a society where feelings matter more than substantial thought, even most Christians are satisfied with the purely emotional response to the WBC. But they should …

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Cornelius Van Til, Westboro Baptist Church, and Steve Jobs

I am no Cornelius Van Til, but if Van Til can get away with saying that an atheist is like the little girl he saw slapping her father while sitting on his lap, then I might be able to get away with saying that a non-Christian is like “Westboro Baptist Church” tweeting their characteristic nastiness about Steve Jobs while using an iPhone.

The iPhone would be like the tools of reasoning, logic, and science. Apple users may get the other part of the analogy too quickly.

But I wrote this on a Dell.


See Al Mohler’s post on

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