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  • Finding the Freedom to Let the Faith “Defend Itself”

    You Are Not Your Worldview: Finding the Freedom to Let the Faith Defend Itself By Russell D. Moore…

  • Dan Barker objecting to his own book being quoted

    The other day I posted on a Barker vs White debate while it was going on. You may find the post by clicking here.

    Dr. White has provided the video clip of the event which you can see below.

    Please make sure to visit Alpha and Omega Ministries as Dr. White has posted a number of times on this rather strange incident.…

  • Answering Pastafarianism

    It must be confessed that the postulation of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has resulted in the creation of some rather humorous material on the Internet and elsewhere. See the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

    The FSM also has its place in certain philosophical discussions, though I am afraid that the number of such discussions is much lower than what the typical unbeliever apparently supposes. It is unfortunate that the FSM has been removed so far from its original context as to lose its function as an Overload Objection and to be used instead in thoughtless mockery.

    The FSM is …

  • Confused About Presup

    If one “googles” “presup”, he or she will find the video below at the top of the list. This gentleman argues that presuppositionalists undermine their own position in their insistence that reason and sense experience must “find their ground” in God. His argument consists of assuming that his particular version of atheism is true without giving us any reason for doing so.

    The author of the video says that, “Presuppositionalists like to tell us that there can be no neutral ground between a Christian and an atheist in a discussion. This move tries to obscure the fact that we are …

  • Theologians All

    A rather humorous exchange between Dr. James White and Dan Barker is posted below. Atheism is just as “religious” as any other system we might typically label a “religion”. There is no such thing as a person who does not believe in God, but there is such a thing as a person who claims to not believe in God. Such a claim requires a great deal of bad theology.