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  • Why We Should Be Reformed Catholic

    The role of tradition in a Protestant/Reformed theology is much broader and deeper than I can ever hope to go into here.

    On the one hand there are Roman Catholics and other unbelievers who ignorantly mock the notion that Word and Spirit lead us into all truth because of the supposed abundance of disagreements within the Church.

    On the other hand there are Roman Catholics and other unbelievers who piously shun the notion that Word and Spirit lead us to make such unflinchingly dogmatic affirmations of particular doctrines within the Church.

    So it is a lose-lose situation for Roman Catholics …

  • Sola Scriptura, Van Til, and a Reformed Apologetic

    As the Reformed Baptist pastor, apologist, and author  Dr. James White says so well, “the people most enslaved by their traditions are those who believe they don’t have any.”

    This is simply to say that  we come to the text of Scripture, along with everything else,  with presuppositions about how we should interpret it. We don’t read the Scripture in a vacuum, or in some neutral fashion, because according to Scripture, it’s impossible, as we will see in a quote from Van Til.

    So why is the Reformed tradition superior? Well, it certainly isn’t because of the men who subscribe …

  • Debate Announcement

    On Februrary 5th, I will be debating Roman Catholic Dan Marcum (a Skype debate) on the proposition “Sola Scriptura is an essential Christian doctrine, and necessary for instruction in faith and practice“. My goal is to argue this proposition presuppositionally. I’m planning on a couple of podcasts in the near future to give the audience some preparation, and to ensure my opponent knows where I’m standing, going into the debate, so stay tuned.…