One More Petty Post

An atheist visitor named Jnani titles his Tuesday, December 27, 2011 post, “When Choosing Hats Attack.” It may be found here –

“Choosing hats has decided to create a post personally attacking me.”

Actually, I was lured into creating a post to address Jnani’s endorsement here –!/freethought4you/status/149248483218554881/photo/1 of Rosa Rubicondior’s absurd conspiracy theory that Choosing Hats dishonestly deletes comments from atheists, a claim that was thoroughly debunked here – and here – Jnani has not responded to a single line of argument or evidence from these two posts but continues to accuse us of …

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Rosa Rubicondior Unsuccessfully Tries to Save Face

Rosa Rubicondior is an atheist from the UK who has been insisting that there is some great conspiracy at Choosing Hats to systematically delete comments submitted by atheists. Her harebrained conspiracy theory was easily dealt with in my latest post here – Rosa simply does not have a leg to stand on. Not only have a handful of the contributors to the site engaged in numerous public debates with atheists, but we have spent hours answering comments from atheists posted to this site – our site – in an attempt to answer their concerns, and this is to …

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