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  • Wallis Responds to Knapp's Atheist Burden of Proof

    Recall that Brian Knapp recently wrote a post here on the subjects of atheism and the burden of proof.

    Ben Wallis has responded here.

    While I only skimmed Ben’s post, it looks as though he offers the same (toasty) objections that were addressed here and especially here.

    If not, then at least the readers have some background for the discussion. Hopefully Brian will have the opportunity to add more.



  • Next 2011 Lectures Available

    I posted about the NEXT 2011 conference a while back and noted that they were covering what seemed to be a basis for presuppositional apologetics. The lectures are available for download now and they will not disappoint. Jeff Purswell starts out the conference with covering the creator/creature distinction which he did very well and much in line with what Van Til espoused. Dr. Scott Oliphint had an enlightening lecture as well especially regarding the knowledge of God in the unbeliever, and D.A. Carson exegeted Acts 17 faithfully and clearly. R.C. Sproul, while a great Theologian, had some interesting things to …