The Reformed Religion of Revelation and the Wiccan Religion of Choice: Part III

Part II

Potential Objections

It appears as though Wicca is by nature incapable of answering the difficult questions asked of it in the most recent post in this series. It might be suggested that some mistakes have been made with regard to something that has been said concerning either Wicca or the questions asked of it. Someone might suggest that mistakes or misunderstandings of Wicca or its implications have come about. For example, it could be that the main source used for this series, Essential Wicca, is unreliable. It might also be that this book alone is simply not …

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The Reformed Religion of Revelation and the Wiccan Religion of Choice: Part II

Part I

Five Solas

Protestant Christians believe in five Solas. They include Scripture alone which teaches salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, for the glory of God alone. These principles stem from the Word of God as properly understood by God’s people throughout the centuries. The Church holds up the whole of Scripture as the infallible, inerrant, authoritative, and sufficient Word of God. This objective revelation is to inform the thoughts and behavior of every person who is created in the image of God (namely, everyone). The revelation of God to …

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Why Shouldn’t Paul Baird Choose Hats?

Paul Baird has given us his opinion in the case of the use of worldviews he does not adhere to.

This is a common complaint ie why argue a worldview that you do not hold ? The answer is the tallest child in the playground argument ie I do not have to be the tallest child in the playground to point out that you are not the tallest child in the playground – I can point out that individual (in this instance it would be a child of equal size).

Paul’s understanding here doesn’t really deal with the problem being …

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Is Paul Baird Ashamed of Atheism?

“Every system of philosophy must tell us whether it thinks true knowledge to be possible. Or if a system of philosophy thinks it impossible for man to have a true knowledge of the whole of reality or even of a part of reality, it must give good reasons for thinking so. From these considerations, it follows that if we develop our reasons for believing that a true knowledge of God and, therefore, also of the world, is possible because actually given in Christ, we have in fact given what goes in philosophy under the name of epistemology. It will then

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Another Round With Paul Baird: Stating and Defending the Requested Rebuttal (6)



Paul Baird said…

You have to remember that this didn’t used to be a hypothetical for me. I was a card carrying North European Solitary Pagan at one time, and there was some revelatory basis to my worldview so I’m not playing some devils advocate game with CBC here.

That said, the purpose of using the Pagan worldview is that, arguably, and leaving aside characters like Aleister Crowley, it is an indigenous faith of these islands, alongside Druidism and many others. That is to say it predates Christianity and shares none

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