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  • Fudge and Date: On how to view challenges to orthodoxy

    Date: “When you originally published your book, how was it received? Did you find that traditionalists were giving maybe some serious consideration to your work, and maybe reconsidering their own view, or did they consider you a threat and try to stamp out any influence you might have?”

    Fudge: “Interestingly, I’ve learned over the past 67 years, Chris, that the reactions I get to this subject, and to this book, are not really so much reactions to this book, as much as they are reactions out of the heart of the person who makes the reaction. And the same reaction

  • Why We Should Be Reformed Catholic

    The role of tradition in a Protestant/Reformed theology is much broader and deeper than I can ever hope to go into here.

    On the one hand there are Roman Catholics and other unbelievers who ignorantly mock the notion that Word and Spirit lead us into all truth because of the supposed abundance of disagreements within the Church.

    On the other hand there are Roman Catholics and other unbelievers who piously shun the notion that Word and Spirit lead us to make such unflinchingly dogmatic affirmations of particular doctrines within the Church.

    So it is a lose-lose situation for Roman Catholics …

  • We’ve Got Mail: The Glory of God and Grounding Objections

    Pat Mefford writes:

    Recently, I’ve been fascinated by this concept of doing things for the glory of God. It’s an interesting answer to the question, “Why does the Creator bother to create?” but glory is an extrinsic property, one that God cannot ground by himself (one needs an ontologically separate thing to properly glorify that which deserves glory). How does the Presuppositionalist account for a property that God cannot ground but yet, seems dependent on?

    While the question is interesting, the assumptions inherent in the question interest me more. First is the odd idea that seems to express that God …