Apologetics to the Glory of God

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  • “Christianity is a Man-made Religion”

    It is always amusing to hear some of the language that non-Christians, and especially atheists, use in their assaults on the Christian faith and defenses of their own position.

    Presumably the atheist thinks it is somewhat problematic and perhaps even insulting to the Christian to dismiss his or her position as “man-made.” We can set aside the obvious “problem” with using “man” this way in the current academic climate. We can also set aside that the unbeliever almost always merely asserts without argument that Christianity is man-made. We may then note that the statement as it stands is no insult …

  • New Atheism, Intentional Ignorance, and Apathy

    Over at erstwhile atheist blogger Paul Jenkins’ site, he posted the following:

    At Choosing Hats, contributor McFormtist considers what constitutes successful apologetics. As the type of apologetic usually in question at Choosing Hats is “covenantal” or “presuppositional” apologetics, and my own limited encounters with presuppositionalists have led me to the conclusion that presuppositonal apologetics is spectacularly unsuccessful in the declared purpose of apologetics in general, naturally my interest was piqued.

    Early on in the piece comes this:

    Our theology dictates to us that it is God who changes men’s hearts. As Reformed Christians, we understand that God in