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  • Religionless Christianity and the Myth of Neutrality

    I will write in generalities here, not because I am afraid to enter the fray, and not because there are not a plethora of examples of the sort of thing I am referring to, but because those who have entered the fray tend to lose sight of the generalities here expressed, and because there are a plethora of examples of the sort of thing I am referring to. There is some fear that the grid I am supplying here may be misused and abused, but I hope rather to clarify those areas where it is being misused and abused through …

  • Guest Post: Should we be neutral?

    The following post was written by our friend defectivebit. He is a chat channel regular and helps us out by running our Facebook Page. Make sure to “Like” us on Facebook if you have not already!

    Dr. Greg Bahnsen addresses the question “should we be neutral” in the first chapter of his book Pushing the Antithesis.[1] He cites several passages regarding man’s condition and mindset. Dr. Bahnsen lists Romans 1:18-21 where we see Paul describe the mindset of those upon whom God’s wrath still abides as not only not neutral but openly hostile. Paul proclaims that God gives them …