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  • Dan Barker objecting to his own book being quoted

    The other day I posted on a Barker vs White debate while it was going on. You may find the post by clicking here.

    Dr. White has provided the video clip of the event which you can see below.

    Please make sure to visit Alpha and Omega Ministries as Dr. White has posted a number of times on this rather strange incident.…

  • The Futility of Unbelief

    My wife and I are currently listening to a debate (live) between well known atheist Dan Barker and Christian apologist Dr. James White through www.aomin.org.

    Dan Barker just finished his opening statement which more or less left us with the old argument that the account of Jesus was borrowed from mythology. This is not why I am writing this post.

    After Barker’s opening statement, Dr. White got up to begin his opening statement. As Dr. White always does his homework, his opening statement was full of quotes from Barker’s books. One would think that Mr. Barker would be glad to …