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  • Theology Determines Apologetic: Van Til

    “All Protestants will agree with one another that the doctrines of Protestantism must be defended as over against Romanism. But not all agree that there is a distinctly Protestant method of defending Christianity as a whole. Some hold that Protestants should first join the Romanists in order with them to defend the doctrines that they have in common. All Christians, we are told, believe in God. All believe that God has created the world. All Christians hold that God controls the world by His providence. All believe in the deity of Christ. These and other doctrines may therefore be defended

  • WTS iTunes Lectures

    I have found these to be quite helpful.

    Apologetics Van Til, Bahnsen, Oliphint (iTunesU link)

    History and Nature of Apologetics by Dr. Cornelius Van Til (iTunesU link)

    Doctrine of God by Dr. Scott Oliphint (iTunesU link)

    Christ and Human Thought by Dr. Cornelius Van Til (iTunesU link)

    * These are all available from the Westminster Theological Seminary Resources website though you may need to create an account to download them.…

  • Confused About Presup

    If one “googles” “presup”, he or she will find the video below at the top of the list. This gentleman argues that presuppositionalists undermine their own position in their insistence that reason and sense experience must “find their ground” in God. His argument consists of assuming that his particular version of atheism is true without giving us any reason for doing so.

    The author of the video says that, “Presuppositionalists like to tell us that there can be no neutral ground between a Christian and an atheist in a discussion. This move tries to obscure the fact that we are …