“Silly” Arguments

The attempts of liberals to interpret Scripture according to their own would-be autonomous categories have always struck me as exercises in futility due to the admission that they have already rejected Scripture anyway. The lengths to which people will go in an attempt to justify sin in themselves and in others are rather incredible. One can know this by taking a look at how one attempts to justify one’s own sin. [Edit: Payton Alexander has expressed to me that he does not wish to be labeled a liberal. I cannot find any place where I have given him that label.]…

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Is Homosexuality Condemned In Genesis 19?


The account recorded in Genesis 19 is examined in terms of the debate over whether or not the passage condemns homosexuality. It is stated that rejection of the interpretation of the passage as pertaining to the issue of homosexuality requires the provision of a superior interpretation which is still faithful to the text yet does not have anything to do with the condemnation of homosexuality. After considering a number of such alleged interpretations it is concluded that interpretations of the Genesis 19 passage wherein homosexuality is not condemned are inconsistent with the text while an interpretation of the passage …

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No Excuse For Homosexuality

Someone posted a comment on my previous blog article regarding homosexuality and had his post removed because of the profane language he unwisely chose to use. Unfortunately his post was full of the kind of hatred those who approve of homosexuality are often hasty to utilize and so it was difficult to separate his alleged “argument” from attack. Though I obviously will not be reposting the comment, I would like to point out a few serious problems with what he offered in “defense” of homosexuality as indicative of the lack of an apologetic the unbelieving view of homosexuality suffers from.…

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“Homophobia” and Homosexuality

This is a conversation I had via the Internet with a homosexual atheist friend from my old school. He posted something online which listed some emotional examples of hate crimes against homosexuals and declared that homophobia is wrong. I decided to question him about his beliefs.

Me: I agree, of course, that the descriptions of how these people were treated is morally and emotionally disturbing. People are sick and hateful. I am glad that I was not raised to hate homosexuals. In the sense described here then, I certainly think that “homophobia” is childish and wrong.

The last line though, …

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