But They’re All The Same

It is often alleged by many atheists that all religions are the same, and all religions are false, and since Christianity is a religion, therefore Christianity must also be false. They will answer our defense of Christianity by saying we’re merely engaging in special pleading. This issue is similar to that in a previous post of mine wherein I quoted Stephen Robert’s statement regarding the alleged equivalence of all “gods.” If it is true that both the quantity and quality of evidence attesting to the truth of all particular religions or gods are the same – that is, if each …

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When It’s OK To Walk Away

Giving up is never fun, nor is it ever easy. Generally, it’s a sign of weakness. It shoves a sharp blade into the heart of one’s pride. But there is an irony involved here: those with a firmer internal constitution tend to give up sooner than those with a softer internal constitution. What do I mean by that?

I’ll begin by defining my terms. Since this site is centered around apologetics (and consequently, debate and discussion), so will the definitions and examples be.

By “giving up,” I mean to cease or to bring an end to discussion. I don’t mean …

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Why Dr. Jason Lisle of Answers in Genesis Does Not Understand Presuppositional Apologetics

In a recent post I mentioned that, “I have heard a fair amount about a book by a Dr. Lisle but have not had the opportunity to read it” while referring to presuppositionalist strains in Answers in Genesis material. Someone commented here to affirm that, “Dr. Jason Lisle (astrophycisist) does indeed hold to a Van Tillian, ‘presuppositional’ apologetic method.”

Today I read a post by Lisle wherein he addresses a reader’s questions about presuppositional apologetics. Unfortunately I find his answer to be completely out of line with the method. I quote the relevant portion of his post below and then …

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The Argument from Atheistic Activism: “The Achilles’ Heel of Internet Atheism?” Revisited


In a recent post here – https://choosinghats.org/2012/02/the-achilles-heel-of-internet-atheism – I made the following observation:

It takes somebody really, really … special … to spend hours upon hours blogging, podcasting, and commenting about an imaginary concept of deity with no more intellectual credibility than Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. And yet there are people who do exactly that day after day! Think of all those grown men sitting at their computers wasting their time lashing out at people for believing in God when they could be partying it up before the worms eat them.

Are we really supposed to

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We’ve Got Mail: Does evolution explain morality?

Hi Chris,

What about the argument from the evolutionary atheist that evolution explains morality. For example people don’t stab someone in the stomach because they have empathy. They know that stabbing someone would cause a unpleasant response. So pain is “bad” and we try to avoid it so we can survive together.

Thank you,




The argument you offered is exceedingly bad. I am not sure whether or not it fairly represents the argument you have in mind, but I will briefly respond to it as you have presented it.

For example people don’t stab someone in the

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We’ve Got Mail: What are your views on evolution and the age of the Earth?

Hi Chris,

My name is [Svy]. I want to thank you for your website. It has become one of my favorites in just one week. I hope that one day, after college, that I may engage in discussions and maybe write some articles. And I hope you continue your podcasts. I love them. They are very helpful and entertaining!  We will see where God will take me. I’m starting college in a week, and I’ve just recently learned about reformed/Calvinism/TAG method. I agree with all these and believe that they are true. I don’t, however, claim to understand everything in

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The Greatest Story Ever Told

It is extremely refreshing to find probably the greatest philosopher of our time writing something like the following in his newest book:

For according to the Christian story, God, the almighty first being of the universe and the creator of everything else, was willing to undergo enormous suffering in order to redeem creatures who had turned their backs on him. He created human beings; they rebelled against him and constantly go contrary to his will. Instead of treating them as some Oriental monarch would, he sent his Son, the Word, the second person of the Trinity into the world. The

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Rhology on the Fundamentally Flawed podcast

It was just brought to my attention that Rhology, a contributor at Triablogue, was interviewed on the Fundamentally Flawed  podcast. This can be listened to here for the edited version, and it can be downloaded here, uncut. I am told that the language gets rather rough at the end, so listen at your own risk.…

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"Fossils Are Real" – A Fundamentalist Atheist Shuns Knowledge

dios mio: i as just listening to WLC versus keith parsons debate  keith parsons blasphemed on the mic several times heh  i bet the the audience cringed WLC will debate this blonde english guy.. something Law  in a few weeks, i am looking forward to that

Chris: Yes for some reason atheists like to say offensive things as though it helps their case.

dios mio:heh yeah keith parsons was furious…

Chris: And others are afraid to capitalize “God”. i.e. Paul Baird.  (Stephen Law btw.)

dios mio:wow.. i cannot imagine myself debating a muslim guy in such an event, and be …

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