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  • Review: Beginning with God: A Basic Introduction to the Christian Faith by James W. Sire

    (Thanks to InterVarsity Press for providing a review copy of this book!)

    Sire, James W. Beginning with God: A Basic Introduction to the Christian Faith. Downersgrove, IL: Intervarsity, 2017. 189 pp. $8.57.

    “In explaining the Christian faith, we can begin almost anywhere, for Christianity relates to the whole of life – the outer world of natural science, the inner world of the human psyche, society at large, and individuals in particular. In short, we could begin with God, with people, or with the universe.” (15)

  • Choosing Hats Summer Reading List

    While I am not very well read I am often asked about books I would recommend. Below is a list of introductory level books which are not too difficult to read and go by pretty quickly even if you are a slow reader like I am. The prices are reasonable as well, but make sure to look on more than just Amazon.

    Biblical Theology

    According to Plan by Graeme Goldsworthy

    Goldsworthy does an excellent job of introducing a massive subject which is far too often neglected.

    Systematic Theology

    Charles Hodge Systematic Theology by Charles Hodge

    The regular price on this