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  • Theistic Arguments and the Necessity of God

    There are many different types of necessity.

    Logical Necessity and the Ontological Argument

    A logically necessary entity exists in every possible world. (A “possible world” is just a logically possible state of affairs.) That is, there is no logically possible state of affairs in which a logically necessary entity does not exist.

    The ontological argument seeks to demonstrate, among other things, that God is a logically necessary entity. Since God is the greatest possible being, there is no logically possible state of affairs in which God does not exist. It is greater for God to exist in every possible …

  • Thing 1 and Thing 2

    Recently I posted a portion of a discussion I had in the Choosing Hats chat room with a (somewhat) regular visitor.  This visitor was discussing the Cosmological Argument (well, at least one formulation of it) with me, and I was attempting to demonstrate for them how what they were presenting failed miserably as an argument for the existence of God.  This post has generated a few responses – some in the context of comments, some in the context of posts on other sites.  For the sake of context, here is a snippet from the conversation where I took the atheist …