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  • No, Dr. Craig; I will not and I cannot.

    Today I was shown the first part of the William Lane Craig versus Christopher Hitchens debate. Before Craig begins to present his case, he mentions that he welcomes those who “check their view at the door”. This allegedly allows for an “objective” position from which to evaluate argument and evidence.

    Unfortunately for Craig, no such position exists. He is only entitled to disagree with this claim if he rejects what is set forth in the Christian worldview with respect to the issue. This is God’s world and we are made in the image of God. Christian teaching is that Christ …

  • Where To Start

    When it comes to disagreements about the existence of God people usually want to proceed without ever setting down a clear set of rules by which to make a case. We often assume that we are all thinking along the same lines as to what the rules are when it comes to discussions about God and truth and knowledge and other such subjects. This assumption is unfortunate because Christians and non-Christians “play” by a different set of rules. The amount of literature written about the subject of the existence of God could fill libraries, yet if we searched through all …

  • Not Overly Surprising

    A few months ago a close relative of mine visited a church gathering. The person who “preached” that day is a well known evidentialist apologist. If I wrote the name of the person the majority of the readers would undoubtedly know this person.

    So what happened? Well, according to my close relative, the Bible was never opened during the entire course of the “sermon”. I told her that I was not surprised.

    One’s apologetic is generally indicative of and affects one’s view of Scripture. Evidentialism is grounded in philosophy. If we are to compare it to presuppositionalism, the chart might …

  • Sacrificing the Gospel on the Altar of Unbiblical Apologetics

    Often so-called objections to the presuppositionalist methodology are downright frightening. Take the article “Always Ready to Give an Answer” written by Caleb Colley.

    Under the section on presuppositionalism, Caleb writes the following:

    “While the presuppositionalist is right that worldview is important, the presuppositional approach is in conflict with Paul’s prescription of the cosmological argument”

    Um…I am sorry?

    “the presuppositional approach is in conflict with Paul’s prescription of the cosmological argument”

    Now I do not know about other people, but I am left wondering how people prior to Paul came to know that God exists without Paul being alive to present …

  • In the Church but not of it…

    Sometimes it is as if no matter where I go, I cannot cease to be in the world.


    Where else would I be? Now, certainly I could lock myself up in my house or my closet…maybe move to Phoenix, Arizona and be an ascetic (oh wait, people actually LIVE out there!), but for the most part I am going to be in the world. That is not the difficult part of the little cliche, “We are to be in the world, but not of it”.

    Being in the world does not mean living ungodly, saying stupid things, mutilating your …