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  • A Fond Farewell, but not Goodbye

    BK is officially retiring from active contribution here at the site. Brian Knapp has always been the man with a plan here at CH – and his wisdom and patience have always been a wonderful example.  He isn’t leaving entirely, however.  He is a good friend to us all, so we will be retaining his company!  He will still be around the chat channel, and will keep his board membership, in an Emeritus status.  (The active board will now consist of myself, Matthias, and Chris, who has returned to active status.)  Brian has served since the site was created in …

  • Point of Contact – Are the Laws of Logic Created?

    Point of Contact

    In this first episode of our newest podcast – Brian Knapp, Joshua Whipps, and Nic Heath discuss the nature of the laws of logic.