Does the Triune God of Scripture Exist? Jamin Hubner vs. Ben Wallis

Jamin Hubner has made public his debate with Ben Wallis here and Ben Wallis has done so as well and reviewed the debate here. You can download or listen to the debate here or here and apparently there is a transcript of the debate here. Don’t forget to check out the debate that I had with Ben Wallis here if you have not already and to take a look at the subsequent discussion regarding that debate here and here and here and here.

That should keep people busy until I get the time to review the Hubner …

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A Case Study In Apostasy by ZaoThanatoo (Guest Post)

I had planned to write a chapter-by-chapter critical review of prominent atheist John Loftus’ book, Why I Am an Atheist; however, upon reading the book I believed that such an analysis was overkill and unnecessary in refuting Loftus’ claims.  Providentially, shortly after I finished reading Loftus’ three books the fellas over at Triablogue released their collaboration, The Infidel Delusion, in response to Loftus, et al.  So I thought my little collection of posts might just be blogospheric white noise in the flurry of responses exchanged.

So I reworked the bit that I had written in response to Loftus …

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Concluding Remarks on the Wallis Debate


I have a few final clarifications for you…

First of all, I’m not sure what premises you think I’m accepting, but let me assure you that I do NOT agree using induction without epistemic justification is irrational. You object to this assertion by complaining that it is not an argument, and indeed you are correct, it is not. What we decide to call “rational” or “irrational” depends on whatever standards of rationality we are using, and so it suffices for me to point out that my standard does not impose any such requirement for the epistemic justification of induction.

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Pressing the Point: More on the Wallis debate

Proof and Persuasion

An important distinction to be made in apologetics is the one between proof and persuasion. One may offer a perfectly sound argument pertaining to some position that accomplishes everything it promises and yet have a recipient of that argument completely unmoved by it. It does not follow from the fact that an individual(s) is allegedly not accepting of an argument that the argument in question does not constitute a proof. On the other hand someone may be presented with a completely invalid and false argument and still be moved to accept the conclusion of the argument, …

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Comments on the Wallis Debate Recap: Agnosticism (Updated! Includes response from Wallis)


Ben Wallis has written a post wherein he briefly points out what he believes are serious problems with “two key arguments” I offered during the course of our debate on the existence of God. There are a number of arguments I used for TAG in the debate and it is not my opinion that Mr. Wallis addressed them all either during the debate or in his brief review. That Mr. Wallis has written some of his thoughts concerning the debate and apparently wants to continue some discussion in the future (both of which are perfectly fine with me) allows …

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Clarification On Self-Deception

In my debate with Ben Wallis I answered the following in response to a series of questions asked of me during the cross-examination period.

“It is correct that I believe that in their heart-of-hearts everyone believes that God exists…I apologize for the poetic language. Belief in God is a first-order belief of everyone; every human…I believe that when you state that you do not believe that God exists that is a claim based upon a second-order belief that you have concerning your first-order belief in the existence of God.”

The phrase “heart-of-hearts” is by no means philosophically precise language nor …

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Does God Exist? Chris Bolt versus Ben Wallis – Thursday August 19, 2010

Click here to find out how you can listen to my debate with agnostic Ben Wallis on the existence of God this Thursday night August 19, 2010 at 9:00 PM EST if the Lord wills.

Ben is originally from Wheaton, IL and was raised in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. He writes, “A devout believer in my teens and early adulthood, I lost my faith at age 22, and after a brief stint with strong atheism, I am now only a negative atheist, and an agnostic.” He has spent a great deal of time studying philosophy in his spare time especially …

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