Peripatetic 25 – Ignorant Objections, Bigotry and Duck Dynasty

Argument by redefinition in lieu of meaningful, logical argumentation is specious. It’s one thing to address presuppositions, it’s another thing to smuggle them in. Pravda is nothing new. The relentless, remorseless cultural pressure will beat you down unless you take the time to study the issue. It’s not enough to “Stan with Phil.” Marriage is a picture of Christ an the Church. It’s not a neutral issue by any stretch. I’m a little late on this – but it was recorded in a timely fashion…

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Peripatetic 24 – Resume Inflation

Christmas, Apostasy, and Resume Inflation.

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“How To Speak and Write Postmodern”

Although postmodernism is losing ground in the academic world, it has trickled down to us at the layman and student level, and it seems to be trying to camp there. So instead of scholars debating it, most don’t take it seriously anymore, and for good reason. However, it’s free game to your average college student taking introductory philosophy, soon after the realization that they don’t really believe the faith their parents professed.

That being said, I was linked to a satire by Stephen Katz,  who is a Professor of Sociology, at Trent University and thought it would be appropriate. It …

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