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  • Podcasts: Fixing backlinks

    Many of the podcasts we did previously still point to incorrect urls on the old domain. I’m going through a number of them and fixing incorrect references. They should all work later this am.…

  • “Hat Tricks – Episode 1” Is Fixed!

    If you downloaded the new Hat Tricks podcast earlier today then you may have gotten a bad copy. Corrections have been made to the audio and the podcast is still available at the original place here. Sorry for the inconvenience!…

  • Hat Tricks – Episode 1

    Hat Tricks is our new podcast, featuring brigand and RazorsKiss; focusing on instruction, definition, discussion, and identification of apologetic arguments and objections. Episode 1 is entitled “Bad Arguments”. It can be found here. Hat Tricks 1

    Note: I realized that I messed up some of the audio mixing. The fixed audio is now linked. Thanks!