Peripatetic 15 – Covenantal Apologetics and Islam

My attempt to answer a caller on the August 8th Dividing Line.

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To TAG or Not To TAG?

How strongly did Van Til feel about using TAG when arguing for God?

Now the only argument for an absolute God that holds water is a transcendental argument.

Quite strongly. It’s not that there aren’t other arguments – they just don’t hold any water when arguing for the kind of God revealed in the Bible – an absolute God. If we are totally dependent upon God (as is the case if God is absolute), then we are necessarily dependent upon God as our starting point in reasoning. If we aim to show that this kind of God exists, we must …

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Peripatetic 9 – Fristianity Style Counters

Some people think Fristianity is a “Silver Bullet” objection to Covenantal Apologetics. Are they correct?

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Chat with a Skeptic

I received an email the other day from an atheist whose name I am choosing not to reveal (for reasons I will get to shortly). The email read like a late-night infomercial, complete with a reference to a website, youtube channel, and book for sale. In addition, there came a challenge to debate us over the existence of God. My response was to suggest this individual visit us in our chat channel first so that we could get to know each other, before agreeing to a formal debate. This individual took me up on the offer and paid us a …

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Peripatetic 6

A further response to Frank Turk, a discussion concerning a conversation in a FB group, and an update on future podcasting.

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Peripatetic 5

Should Covenantal Apologists put a sock in it when it comes to the abortion debate? A response to Frank Turk’s 2 posts at Pyromaniacs.

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Peripatetic 4

What does it mean to “Push the Antithesis,” and to what does that apply, specifically?

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Mr. White, Mr. Grey and Mr. Black VIII

It’s been quite a while since there’s been a post in this series, hasn’t it? I apologize for the delay! This post will continue the discussion we left off in the last post, and pick up on the same page.

Of course, what Mr. Black is doing appears very reasonable to himself. “Surely,” he says, if questioned at all on the subject, “a rational man must have a systematic coherence in his experience. Therefore he cannot accept as true anything that is not in accord with the law of noncontradiction. So long as you leave your God in the realm

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