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  • Actual Engagement

    Interestingly enough, a comment made in passing now constitutes “engagement”.


    Now, if this constitutes “engagement” – fine, I’ll buy that. However, it was followed up with this:

    Again, fine. What does this tweet claim, however?

    1) Jesus died (not contested by me).

    2) The wages of sin is *death* (not contested by me)

    3) That death is *not* eternal …

  • Peripatetic 29 – Theological Inclusivism

    On the perils of such beliefs, and examples thereof; to include C.S. Lewis, Kurt Jaros, Chris Date, William Lane Craig, and others.…

  • An internal critique of the Christology and Theology proper of Jehovah’s Witnesses

    jw1So, I had some interesting interactions with some JW’s over the weekend and something that was said was that they considered that Jesus was divine, but not God. Their explanation was that Jesus’ attributes mirrored those of Jehovah, with the exception of being created.

    Let’s see how much of a mirror it is then with that ‘one exception’.

    Let’s get a list of some of God’s attributes in front of us first and see how it holds together:

    God’s immutability & self-sufficiency.
    God does not change, He remains the same yesterday today and forever, and in Him there is no …

  • Peripatetic 24 – Resume Inflation

    Christmas, Apostasy, and Resume Inflation.…

  • In the Vein of “Everything you ever learned was wrong”

    There are the Jehovah’s Witness claims that the entire Christian church has always been wrong about, well, almost everything. Except for those few ECFs they could massage into some sort of superficial agreement, of course. Mormonism likewise asserts that all churches ceased to be true churches rather quickly following Christ’s ascension. Islam, with it’s idea of scriptural supercessionism and their revisionist version of what the Scriptures actually are, or taught, have a similar view of Christianity as a whole. It’s much the same with any other warmed-over historical error – be they large, as the wholesale replacement religions seen above …