Peripatetic 23 – Love is Love and God Isn’t Mad At You?

Shrill objections to Russia’s laws against homosexual behavior and Joyce Meyer! How do these fit together? Take a listen and find out!

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Peripatetic 21 – Response to Brett Gallaher

(Subtitle: What 3/4 of an MA in theology at Asbury buys)

A response to his article, reposted here at the Huffington Post.

Edit: For some reason, during an edit of this post, I inserted “Brian”, instead of “Brett” Gallaher. My apologies.

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Christian Homosexuals

There’s been a good bit of discussion about the nonsensical statements of the so-called “Biola Queer Underground” of late. To be candid, the only justifications they can offer for their revisionist position have been refuted so many times that you almost feel sorry for the research skills of these supposed university students. For instance, the “champion” for their revisionist eisegesis is one Justin Lee, director of the “Gay Christian Network“. What might be interesting to our readers is that this same Justin Lee debated Dr. James White on May 16th prior to the Reformation Montana Conference. …

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