Peripatetic 24 – Resume Inflation

Christmas, Apostasy, and Resume Inflation.

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Peripatetic 23 – Love is Love and God Isn’t Mad At You?

Shrill objections to Russia’s laws against homosexual behavior and Joyce Meyer! How do these fit together? Take a listen and find out!

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Peripatetic 22 – Love Yourself to Love Others?

Dealing with this topic systematically, and transcendentally.

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Peripatetic 21 – Response to Brett Gallaher

(Subtitle: What 3/4 of an MA in theology at Asbury buys)

A response to his article, reposted here at the Huffington Post.

Edit: For some reason, during an edit of this post, I inserted “Brian”, instead of “Brett” Gallaher. My apologies.

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Peripatetic 20 – Islam and the Continuing Assertions of Yasser Ali

As it says, this is an Islam-driven episode, relating some statements made by my erstwhile debate opponent in recent visits.

Also: pay close attention at the beginning and end – something may have changed 🙂

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Peripatetic 16 – Eclectic Responses

An Eclectic Peripatetic responding to Kurt Jaros, Jordan Cooper, Michael Patton, and a commenter named Scott.

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Peripatetic 15 – Covenantal Apologetics and Islam

My attempt to answer a caller on the August 8th Dividing Line.

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Peripatetic 11 – Mailbag Edition

Yes, I know – this took forever. But, this is the long-promised edition that outlines the necessary theological and doctrinal issues that underpin a Covenantal Apologetic. It is a response to a correspondent who asked me several questions, so I turned it into an impromptu “introduction”. Hope it’s helpful.

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The Apostle of Doubt vs. Calvin

Why I Lack Certainty about Christianity – C. Michael Patton:

Some people say that they have no doubt at all, and they never have. I have difficulty believing assertions such as this, though I suppose they might be true for a very small number of individuals. However, at this point, I think it would be valuable for us to distinguish between “certainty” and “certitude” (Daniel Taylor introduced me to this concept, but I don’t know if the distinctions he made are embedded in the specific definitions of the terms). “Certainty” is the more objective type of conviction. It is the

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