Are You Tired of the Word?: Sermon Introduction from “The Little Scroll” (Revelation 10:1-11)

Are you tired of the Word?

Perhaps the greatest trouble facing the Church today is our tendency to grow tired of the Word, and lose interest in the gospel, so that we seek out theologies and programs and excitement that, while not necessarily bad in and of themselves, are often based more on the world than they are on the Word. And so I ask you this morning, are you tired of the Word? Have you lost interest in the gospel?

Toward the end of the last century, American evangelicals became fascinated by end times particulars, hosting prophecy conferences and …

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The Creator Creature Distinction

There seems to be a strangely persistent notion that the insistence on an actual distinction between the thought of God and man is a mistake of some sort. That emphasizing that “My thoughts are higher than your thoughts” is somehow a bad thing, when it comes to not only the scope of those thoughts, but the nature of those thoughts. If God is, indeed, infinite, timeless, immutable and omniscient, along with all of the rest of who and what He is, it seems to be readily apparent that there is something, well… distinct… about the very nature of God’s thinking. …

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The Transcendental Argument Against Dispensationalism: What is Dispensationalism?

As I mentioned in my first post in this series, I am not planning to make a historical argument against Dispensationalism. So, this post is not meant to be an outline of the historical development of Dispensationalism as much as it is meant to be an explanation of the core tenets of the system. What must one believe to be considered a Dispensationalist?

There are a few streams of Dispensationalism that exist, each with their own spin on the hermeneutic:

  1. Classical Dispensationalism
  2. Progressive Dispensationalism
  3. Hyper Dispensationalism

In this series, my goal is mainly to address the hermeneutic, interpretations and views …

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Losing the Debate Before you Begin

I was recently made aware of an upcoming debate between Dr. Michael Brown and Steve Gregg regarding Israel’s continuing role in God’s economy of salvation. You may find more information about the debate here.

I’ll admit that I know very little about Dr. Brown or Steve Gregg other than the fact that they’ve both debated Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries in the past. However, what interested me the most about this debate was the resolution that was chosen:

Resolution: Israel—whether the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, or as a body politic—is no longer uniquely chosen

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The Church is Israel Now

The Church is Israel Now – Charles D.Provan |

I came across this book when I first began studying Covenantal vs. Dispensational views of interpreting scripture. The book is unique in that there is very little commentary by the author. Rather, what he does is takes different phrases or titles that the Old Testament applies to Israel and shows how in the New Testament the Church is labeled by those same titles and phrases.

For Example:

The Beloved of God

  1. Israel Is Beloved of God
    Exodus 15:13/Dueteronomy 33:3/Ezra 3:11
  2. Disobedient Israel Is Not Beloved of God
    Leviticus 26:28, 30/Jerimiah
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