Apologetics to the Glory of God

Author: Nextor

  • Return of the Presuppositionalist: A counter-critique of a critique of presuppositionalism.

    phantommenace-300x225-150x150I was sent a link to view (a 4 part series) which ended in a critique of presuppositionalism. The full article can be found here:

    Revenge of Objectivity: Preunderstanding, Presuppositions, and First Principles (Part 4)

    Feel free to read the whole 4 part series.

    So, lets get started:

    “Naturally, the same problems with any representationalist epistemology are also embedded in the representationalism found within the presuppositional system.”

    Presuppositionalism runs on a revelatory epistemology, not a representationalist epistemology.

    “While the Thomist would certainly agree that God is the ultimate cause of all reality other than Himself and that the universal forms

  • Ancient Empiricism: Aristotle (Van Til’s Apologetic: Readings and Analysis, p329-333)

    0875520987Ancient Empiricism: Aristotle (139)

    (A)In a non-Christian scheme of thought abstract universal and particulars stand over against one another in an unreconcilable fashion. Such was the case in Plato’s philosophy. Aristotle sought to remedy the situation by teaching that the universale are present in the particulars. But he failed to get genuine contact between them, inasmuch as for him the lowest universal (infima species), was, after all, a supposed abstraction from particulars. Hence the particulars that were presupposed were bare particulars, having no manner of contact with universality. And if they should, per impossible, have contact with universality, they would …

  • Van Til on the Modern Man’s View of Scripture.

    vantil-studyIn response to A.E Taylor’s ‘Does God exist?’ Van Til writes:

    “Taylor simply assumes that every human mind, that of an apostle no less than that of any other man, contributes in an original sense to what it receives. The result is that even if he could believe in a self-contained God – which on his premises he cannot – Taylor cannot believe that any man could receive any revelation from such a God without to some extent, in the very act of reception, confusing it with his own experiences that operate independently of this God.
    The whole attitude of …

  • Presuppositional living

    BibleI was sitting in church just this Sunday past with one of the elders preaching on power, and one of the sections that was noted was the way that all of the responses of Jesus to Satan in the wilderness temptation were scriptural responses, as well as that all Jesus needed to do was to command a demon to come out, and they did.

    A few ideas came into my head : Jesus was able to do what He did with regards to power, because who He was, and What He said corresponded to the truth of what reality actually …

  • Revelation from a keypad

    6761965591_5e434905a6_nSo I was just popping in the code to the security door to my work, and a thought struck me as to an analogy of the problem universals and particulars!

    What is the nature of particular facts of our experience, and what is their relationship to one another and the universal laws that bind them together?

    Van Til was fond of speaking of beads and string, and for the longest time I couldn’t understand what he was speaking about, but I eventually worked it out, hopefully this analogy will help too!

    Think of each number on a keypad, like the …