Apologetics to the Glory of God

Author: BK

  • A Common Thread

    Needle with  thread on jeans materialThere seems to be a common thread in presupp encounters all across the web these days. I’ve seen it on Twitter, in chat rooms, in FaceBook discussion groups, and on podcasts.  It’s everywhere, and it’s growing, which is what concerns me.  That thread is the use of a stunted, limited, incomplete apologetic.  It frustrates the unbelievers we use it against, but not for the right reasons.  It causes presuppers to be seen as irrational tricksters who don’t have anything valid to bring to the discussion.  It is philosophically vacuous and ultimately does not honor God.

    Before looking at the problem, …

  • Link to Open Letter to Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay

    Chris Bolt, former contributor to Choosing Hats, has written a very interesting post over on his new blog …

    An Open Letter to Dan Haseltine, Lead Singer of Jars of Clay, Concerning His Recent Comments Regarding the Nature of Scripture and “Homosexual Marriage” (UPDATED)

    – BK…

  • Happy Anniversary, Choosing Hats!

    For those of you who keep track of such things (as I do) – today is the fifth year anniversary of this site!

    This is truly a milestone for us, and we are thankful to God that he has provided a number of contributors who are passionate about a truly Biblical Apologetic method. Our hope and prayer is to continue to provide relevant content to you, our readers, and we will do just that – Lord willing.

    So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.

  • A Believable Response

    Our good friends over at Reformed Forum have posted some comments by Dr. Scott Oliphint in reference to his recent discussion on Unbelievable Radio.  For a great recap of the discussion, take a look here.


  • To TAG or Not To TAG?

    How strongly did Van Til feel about using TAG when arguing for God?

    Now the only argument for an absolute God that holds water is a transcendental argument.

    Quite strongly. It’s not that there aren’t other arguments – they just don’t hold any water when arguing for the kind of God revealed in the Bible – an absolute God. If we are totally dependent upon God (as is the case if God is absolute), then we are necessarily dependent upon God as our starting point in reasoning. If we aim to show that this kind of God exists, we must …

  • Chat with a Skeptic

    I received an email the other day from an atheist whose name I am choosing not to reveal (for reasons I will get to shortly). The email read like a late-night infomercial, complete with a reference to a website, youtube channel, and book for sale. In addition, there came a challenge to debate us over the existence of God. My response was to suggest this individual visit us in our chat channel first so that we could get to know each other, before agreeing to a formal debate. This individual took me up on the offer and paid us a …

  • Please Welcome Matthias McMahon

    Matthias has been with Choosing Hats for awhile now in a contributor role, but with the upcoming departure of Chris Bolt, he has been added to the prestigious list of “Site Administrators”.

    OK, so maybe not all that prestigious.

    Expect to see more of Matthias by way of posts and responses to comments in the coming days …

    – BK…

  • Grudem’s Systematic Theology on iTunes

    Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology is now available on the iTunes store … for free! There are 117 individual lectures spanning creation, providence, the Trinity, miracles, prayer, inerrancy, and more. Click here to be taken to the iTunes store to download this massive podcast.


  • Why I Believe

    I was in an conversation in our chat room the other day with an atheist – one that I thought was a total waste of time, until a friend of mine suggested I review my side of the conversation and encouraged me to post it as a synopsis of why I am a Christian, and what our method of apologetics “looks like” to the outside world.
    The result is the attached PDF. Hopefully it will be of some benefit to you as you think about why it is that you believe, and how to best share that with others.


  • Show Me the Money

    I think it is helpful to come clean every now and then and let our readers knows some of our deep, dark secrets. In this case, the secret is the income that Choosing Hats has generated over the past 3+ years. So without further delay, please look below for a month-by-month income statement for every month that Choosing Hats has been operating.

    7/2008 – $0.00
    8/2008 – $0.00
    9/2008 – $0.00
    10/2008 – $0.00
    11/2008 – $0.00
    12/2008 – $0.00
    1/2009 – $0.00
    2/2009 – $0.00
    3/2009 – $0.00
    4/2009 – $0.00
    5/2009 – $0.00
    6/2009 – $0.00
    7/2009 – …