Apologetics to the Glory of God

On A Personal Note

Lately I have been battling some depression. Discouragement. Despondency. At this point in my life, and with the various activities I am involved in, I feel as though I am constantly jumping through hoops. When one is out of the way, ten more are set in front of me. Sometimes it makes me wish that I were not a Christian.

There are at least two problems here. One is that I am falsely identifying all of those things with which I concern myself on a daily basis with my obligatory Christian duty. The second is that I frequently forget a very basic truth.

I am not good enough to be a Christian. Nobody is. All of the sweat, blood, and tears in the world cannot save me. They cannot save you either.

But I am not cut off. I have access to all of the benefits of being a Christian through union with Jesus Christ. They are mine. To enjoy. Forever. They belong to you as well, if you have come to know the Savior.

I wonder how many people are turned off to Christ because they do not think themselves good enough to come sit at His table. Is that not the whole point? You are not good enough to be with Him. You are a sinner. We all are. But the invitation is there nonetheless.

If you come to Christ in repentance and faith, He will not cast you out. And if you are there already, Christian, then remember that you are rooted and grounded in His love. Not your works.

For by grace you have been saved through faith…