Apologetics to the Glory of God

30,000 Protestant Denominations

The next time a Roman Catholic gives you an astronomical number of Protestant denominations, ask him or her to name them for you.

RC: Presbyterian, Baptist, Pentecostal, 7th Day, Mormon, JW, Lutheran… and 29,983 others! Simple!

Chris: You missed two out of seven of those; how likely is it that you will get the other 29,983 right?

RC: Quaker, Assembly of God, Church of Nazarene, Evangelical.

Oh come now… whether you call those two groups Christian or not doesn’t make them NOT Christian. Their followers call themselves Christians just as you call yourself a Christian….

However… their addition to the list isn’t needed to show how divided Protestantism is.

However.. my opinion? They are not Christian. Then again, I have high standards. And even if I didn’t have high standards, thankfully our Lord Jesus Christ has and will remain ruler and judge of all.

Chris: Only 29,000+ more to go, then you can go back through and evaluate them each. I am assuming you can do all of that since you seem comfortable with the claim. You wouldn’t just parrot info you don’t know about would you?