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Audience Question and Answer Period in Next Debate Between Brian Knapp and Matt Oxley!

It’s true! There will be an Audience Question and Answer Period during the next part of the informal debate between Brian Knapp and Matt Oxley. Submit your questions now by following the steps below!

1. Listen to the first recording of the debate here – https://choosinghats.org/2011/11/praxis-presup-episode-18-brian-knapp-and-matt-oxley/

2. Address your question to “Brian,” “Matt,” or “Both.”

3. Write your question.

4. State at least your first name or nick.

5. Email to chrisbolt@ymail.com

DO NOT USE THE CONTACT FEATURE TO SUBMIT QUESTIONS! As many suitable questions as we have time for will be directed toward the debate participants in the next debate. We do not know at what time the next debate will take place yet, so continue to check the site. Thank you for being a part of this event!