A Case Study In Apostasy by ZaoThanatoo (Guest Post)

I had planned to write a chapter-by-chapter critical review of prominent atheist John Loftus’ book, Why I Am an Atheist; however, upon reading the book I believed that such an analysis was overkill and unnecessary in refuting Loftus’ claims.  Providentially, shortly after I finished reading Loftus’ three books the fellas over at Triablogue released their collaboration, The Infidel Delusion, in response to Loftus, et al.  So I thought my little collection of posts might just be blogospheric white noise in the flurry of responses exchanged.

So I reworked the bit that I had written in response to Loftus …

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Is the Qur'an the Word of God? – Debate Transcript

Debate Thesis: Is the Qur’an the Word of God?


[12:07] [BK] ok, the floor is yours, Algo
[12:07] [PL] Very Good.
[12:07] [PL] Welcome Gentlemen.
[12:08] [PL] Let us now begin our formal debate with an intro/bio.
[12:08] [PL] Introducing MusLm :
[12:08] [PL] Name: Yasser Ali
[12:08] [PL] Nick: MusLm
[12:08] [PL] Age: 34
[12:09] [PL] Country: Pakistan
[12:09] [PL] Education: Post-Graduate of Information Technology (Australia)
[12:09] [PL] Occupation / Designation: Da’ee (Da’ee is a Muslim who invites people towards God / Islam)
[12:09] [PL] Faith: Muslim based on Quran (100%) and Hadith (Authentic)
[12:09] [PL] I have …

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TAG and Islam

Addressing Islam

Please accept my apology in advance for waxing rhetorical for dogmatic and persuasive flavor. I am also paraphrasing Van Til, Bahnsen, and James Anderson from memory as I do not have the time or desire to hunt down all of the exact quotes and respective references. The topic I am addressing often calls credentials into question so I will go ahead and set my own out on the table. Each day I listen to at least an hour and usually more of lectures on presuppositional apologetics in addition to my reading in that area. I have a B.A. …

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Guest Blog – Are You Rapture-Ready? (Response to a Harold Camping Tract)

A friend of mine recently received a tract from Harold Camping’s group and immediately began pointing out some of the problems with it in describing it to me. I asked if he would be willing to write a short piece on his findings and he quickly did so! Hopefully many of the readers will find this piece particularly useful. Enjoy!

Are You Rapture-Ready for 1792 1844 1988 1993 1994 2011?

By Guest Blogger Jeff Park

One time-tested tactic to gain a sudden influx of “untaught and unstable” followers is to put together a semi-plausible argument that reveals that Christ will …

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An Argument For Agreus

One might deny that laws of logic exist, but not without presupposing the laws of logic (i.e. the law of non-contradiction). Since the affirmation of a proposition implies the falsehood of its contradictory, the denial of the laws of logic is self-refuting.

The possibility of rational inference presupposes the laws of logic (i.e. identity; non-contradiction), but the laws of logic entail that nonphysical, nonspatial, nontemporal reality of some sort be accepted. The laws of logic are not physical laws as is evidenced by the fact that they are applicable to possible worlds in which there are no physical objects. [1]

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Norman Geisler and Moral Relativism

Cross posted.

“Ethics deals with what is morally right and wrong. Christian Ethics deals with what is morally right and wrong for a Christian.” Norman Geisler. Christian Ethics: Options and Issues. Grand Rapids, MI. Baker Academic, 1989. Pg. 17. (All quotations and paraphrases in this post are from this source.)

Let’s step carefully through Dr. Geisler’s statements.

“Ethics deals with what is morally right and wrong.”

To state that ethics deals with what is morally right and wrong is rather straightforward. If any objections to Geisler’s statements are to be raised they must be raised with respect to the …

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Islam: A few brief considerations

“Islam claims that the Gospels are inspired by Allah. The Gospels teach that Jesus is God. The Koran says he is not. Therefore, the contradiction is that Jesus is and is not God. Is the Muslim really going to accept both these claims about Jesus:

(J1) Jesus is very God of very God.
(J2) Jesus is not very God of very God.


(J1A) Jesus was crucified and died for the sins of man.
(J2A) Jesus was not crucified and did not die for the sins of man.

Or, inconsistencies between their own apologetic practices and what their own holy

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Homosexuality and Imploding Hypotheticals

Thrasymachus at Urban Philosophy has written a post wherein he attempts to educate some of us on how to not be a “religious nutter” in the context of the ethics of homosexuality. He writes, “Assume God exists. Assume Christianity is true. Imagine yourself as a Christian.” Thankfully I do not have too much difficulty accepting these assumptions for the sake of argument.

Thrasymachus next writes,Say you know that there’s a mountain of evidence suggesting that homosexuality isn’t bad, yet your religious beliefs say it is bad.” Unfortunately it is impossible for me to accept the first assumption of …

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The Consequences of Evidentialism

If you were able to go back in a time machine and witness the tomb of Christ only to find that Christ did not raise from the grave, what would that do to your Christian faith?

(A Quick Question – @Parchment and Pen)

Note the poll to the side, and the responses.

What’s wrong with this? My wife nailed it in about 8 seconds. (She gets an A in my apologetics class!)…

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