The Discussion (Part II) – The Refutation

Continuing on with the conversation I documented below … here is the refutation I provided:


I want to answer two points in your testimonial – your pragmatic approach to belief in the reliability of senses, and the question of measuring leaps of faith. I will respond to these in reverse order, because you clearly appeal to the former in supporting the latter.

On measuring “leaps”:

In your testimonial you make the claim “your leap however is considerably wider than mine.” There are two points worth mentioning here. First, such a claim implies a standard by which you are evaluating …

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The Discussion (Part I) – The Testimonial

It has been awhile since I have had a chance to post, and so I thought I would take this opportunity to share a portion of a conversation I have been having on a discussion board. Although the discussion has gone on for awhile, and (I hope) will continue to progress, I thought I would post just a portion of my exchange, including my opponent’s “testimonial”.

To give some context to what you are about to read, the testimonial my opponent shares is in response to a challenge by me stated as follows:

Forgive me for rewording your assertions. I

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