Homosexuality and Imploding Hypotheticals

Thrasymachus at Urban Philosophy has written a post wherein he attempts to educate some of us on how to not be a “religious nutter” in the context of the ethics of homosexuality. He writes, “Assume God exists. Assume Christianity is true. Imagine yourself as a Christian.” Thankfully I do not have too much difficulty accepting these assumptions for the sake of argument.

Thrasymachus next writes,Say you know that there’s a mountain of evidence suggesting that homosexuality isn’t bad, yet your religious beliefs say it is bad.” Unfortunately it is impossible for me to accept the first assumption of …

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The Consequences of Evidentialism

If you were able to go back in a time machine and witness the tomb of Christ only to find that Christ did not raise from the grave, what would that do to your Christian faith?

(A Quick Question – @Parchment and Pen)

Note the poll to the side, and the responses.

What’s wrong with this? My wife nailed it in about 8 seconds. (She gets an A in my apologetics class!)…

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