Mr. White, Mr. Grey, and Mr. Black

An excerpt from Defense of The Faith, by Cornelius Van Til – Chap. 12, Sec. 3, pg. 312-313, 4th Ed.

The Believer Meets the Unbeliever

To see clearly what is meant, think of a dentist. You go to him with a “bad tooth”. Does he take care of your tooth in two operations? To be sure, you may have to come back to have him finish the job. But it is one job he is doing. He takes all the decayed matter out before he fills the cavity. Well, Mr. Black is the man with the toothache, and you,

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Praxis Presup: Episode 3

Praxis Presup
Episode 3 – August 28, 2010
Chris Bolt

Chris Bolt discusses the new site, the Gospel, and makes a few comments on the recent debate between Ben Wallis and Chris Bolt on the existence of God.

Praxis Presup 3

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Sorry for the Clutter!

To celebrate our second year on the web, we are doing some site upgrades.  We apologize for any oddness over the next few days, but promise we are working diligently (at least during waking hours) on fixing it!


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