The Virgin Birth

It’s Christmas time and that means it’s time for the History channel and a variety of other media outlets to play all of their best “the truth behind the Star of Bethlehem” “Jesus never existed and he was a very nice man” documentaries.

Inevitably you will hear or be involved in arguments about the virgin birth of Christ. Usually, on the internet, this means you’ll also be introduced to a myriad of sex jokes about Mary and Joseph.

In the spirit of holiday cheer, here are a couple of things to keep in mind, and perhaps share with those well-meaning jokesters intent on taking all the fun out of celebrating Christ’s birth.

The unbeliever who makes the “argumentum ad incredulum” (“I can’t believe you believe something so ridiculous!”) has put the onus on himself to explain scientifically the formation of human life. Sure, we know egg and sperm have a little get-together, but how does it become a living being? Science can’t even tell us what life is, or when it begins, let alone how it happens.

If the unbeliever’s own system of thought can’t explain the every day occurrence, why should it be able to preclude the extraordinary? Both normal birth and virgin birth are extra-ordinary if naturalistic materialism is true.

“But ah!” says our sex-obsessed atheistic friend, “neither can you explain the origins of life!”

This is true only if we assume the same standards of knowledge as the naturalistic materialist. This the oft-neglected, yet, vitally important part of the two-step TAG process.

We’ve pointed out the inconsistency of the unbelievers worldview by taking a claim which they do not doubt (in this case, virgins don’t have babies) and we’ve shown that by their own worldview system, that claim is ultimately not only unproven, but irrationally made.

Now that the easy work is done (because yes, the first part of the two-step is the easier part, it is much easier to destroy than to build) it is now the apologist’s job to show that according to his own worldview system, which has entirely different foundations of knowledge, and is grounded in the revelation of the triune God of scripture (see other blog posts on CH for more on this) not only does normal human reproduction make sense, but, we also can account for the miraculous nature of Christ’s virgin birth.

It’s important at this point to be well-studied in scripture and systematic theology, and have a good grasp of it, because now you’re making an argument concerning the nature of God himself to an atheist, and, as is widely known, atheism makes you dumb.

We may not know the details, scientifically, of how life is made, but we do know that when God breathed on Adam, Adam became a living being, and so, it is because of the triune God of whom scripture speaks that we can account not only for virgin birth, not only for natural birth, but indeed, for all life everywhere that exists.

So, next time your atheistic friends act shocked and amused by your belief in the virgin birth, remind them that they can’t even explain “how is babby formed?

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