How to Excel at Hypocrisy

So, you’re a popular web comic artist who has decided to make the foray into criticizing religion, you should be proud, not many Internet comics make it this far.

Oh, those silly religionists, always telling other people how they should live.

Aren’t they silly?

Now what? Well, obviously, The only real solution is to tell those silly religionists what is wrong with the way they live, and instead to provide advice on how you think they should live. Sounds good.

Makes perfect sense.

Sure, it might be cute for you to criticize those silly religionists for the way they criticize what others believe and what they think other people should believe, but when you do so by criticizing what they believe, and tell them they ought to believe something else, you’re not being clever, you’re just being stupid.

Unfortunately, this is a common epidemic when it comes to Internet atheism.

On a more serious note. In Christian Theism, we are perfectly justified in telling others how God commands us to live. It is the Christian, not the atheist who can account for his criticisms of other worldviews, the atheist has no compelling reason to tell anyone to reject any other kind of worldview, except for the fact that this particular atheist might not like it.

God commands us to preach the Gospel, and to train our children in the knowledge and grace of the lord. You call that indoctrination? I call it good education, and I never really asked for your opinion.

You don’t like it?


Then you may carry on with your unbelief, just keep it to yourself.


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